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Only Pick what you are happy to pay for 


We’ll weigh the produce you’ve picked in the shop.


Pay for what you’ve picked and your minimum charge will be taken off the produce picked!

Minimum Charge

We take a small charge of £4 per Person

Please pay this at our entry tills before you pick your fruit and vegetables.

Book online at Iver 

Just pick up punnets, baskets and bags from the shop.


We do not allow eating of fruit as you walk around the farm.

Any one seen offending will be asked to leave the farm.

Our Pick Your Own Farms provide the facility for you to pick fruit and vegetables which you then buy before eating or taking home. We do not allow eating of fruit as you walk around the farm. We provide punnets, baskets and bags into which you can put the produce you pick. This is then weighed at our tills and you pay based on the kilogram charge of the respective fruit or vegetable.

Unfortunately there are no facilities for picnics apart from Fruit Festival Days.

As we are a food premises unfortunately we do not allow dogs except for guide dogs .There is a park next to our  Iver farm (Langley Park) which is suitable for dog walking.


Minimum charge – Online Voucher Booking System

Now essential for the Fruit Fields at Iver

Just like the normal £4 per person minimum charge We make a minimum charge of £4 per Person. The charge is, however,  refunded off the produce you pick and buy . It is not refunded off anything purchased from the shop. (Not applicable on Fruit Festival Days).

The minimum charge is paid at our entry tills before you pick any fruit and vegetables or Online at Iver 

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing on busy days the minimum charge will be prepaid by a voucher booking system to reserve your entry time. 

On quieter days this will be charged upon exit.

Pick your own Cherries Cookham Iver


During the main fruit season we know that there are some people who would prefer to just come along to the farm to pick and eat fruit.  For these visitors we hold Fruit Festival Days on some Sundays during the peak season.

On these days it is £8 per Adult and £5 for Children for fruit picking and you are able to eat the fruit in the fields.  If you should also decide to take some fruit home with you, then this will be weighed and charged at half price.  This presents an excellent opportunity if you were wanting to stock up on supplies for the freezer or make jam.  You are also able to enjoy picnics on the farm on Fruit Festival Days.


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